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But WHY should I use Chalkgraphic?

My name is Rob and it all started when I worked for various design agencies in London.  It seemed to me that their were very few places in the UK where you could find a good designer with the ability to put his or her mind to various tasks and also have things designed for a sensible price. Feeling this was so WRONG and with this in mind and the fact that I was becoming tired of having no space to think and be creative in Londons', 'hussle and bussle'... and the tube?. I also wanted to ride my mountain bike where mountain bikes should be, not in a killing zone but on rough terrain! 

So, I came back home to West Moors near Bournemouth in the South of England, where the sun shines and the birds 'tweet'.  (Note: They were doing this well before us).

Bringing with me my learned 'London Quality Design', to help you stand out from the crowd.

Anyway, we can meet, have a chat over coffee or tea and I can describe further, the benefits for using the Chalkgraphic design ethic.

I also wanted to ride my Mountain Bike
                             where Mountain Bikes should be.


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